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Body Treatments

Scrubs are all organic and include a facial cleanse and moisturise.

Treatment Name Time Price
Organic Ginger and lime scrub 55 mins $200

Begin with a tension target back massage, then course sugar scrub stimulates and tones leaving the skin sensuously soft from head to toe.  A facial cleanse and exfoliation are included to make you truly shine!  Shower off, then complete this renewing scrub with hydrating coconut and argan oil gently massaged all over the body.

Treatment Name Time Price
Organic Blueberry scrub  55 min $200

 Smells so good. Indulge your senses with this lush healthy scrub. The sugar boldly exfoliates whilst the AHAs eat up the stubborn areas. Divine blueberry cleanse and exfoliation,  shower away the day, then an organic delicious blueberry shimmer lotion lights up the skin so you will shine.

Treatment Name Time Price
Hungarian stimulating wrap 70 mins $260

Especially designed for those who are fatigued or experiencing muscle soreness. A delicious ginger and lime scrub exposes fresh skin ready for Hungarian cinnamon, paprika and sage to go to work, drawing out a deeper cleanse, for detoxification and skin renewal.  Once cocooned, enjoy a mini facial, then wash off and complete your detox journey with a warm cinnamon based organic moisturiser.

Add on infra red is a must.                                                                                                


Add $20 to include detox box.

Add $100 to include 60 minute massage.


Not recommended for extremely sensitive skin.


Treatment Name

Time Price
Blueberry slimming wrap 70 mins $275

Beginning with dry brushing, this firming and hydrating wrap invigorates circulation, to refine and strengthen the appearance of your skins structure. No downtime in this wrap, while cocooned, enjoy a delicious organic mini facial, then wash off, and finish with a beautiful blueberry shimmer moisturiser.


Add $20 to include detox box.

Add $100 to include 60 minute massage.





spray tans


Norbu knows that every person is different.
We have a great range of spray tans to suit your needs.

We will help you select the perfect shade for your needs.

We discuss your base colour, your desired colour depth, development time, bronzers, and then choose natural or organic.
Norb├╝ OFFERS:
Ecotan: Organic. One shade.  Contains bronzers. Must leave on for a minimum of 8 hours.
Vani T: Organic. Contains bronzers. 12% DARK velocity and Ultra dark Velocity (express).
St Tropez: Express, light bronzers, medium colour, 2-3 hours. Dark, rich and deep. 4 hours.

$45 full body | $30 half body


If your skin needs some extra attention from our changeable Melbourne weather, it could be time to treat yourself to our COMPLETE BRONZED BODY!

We will start by giving you a full body brushing, then we vigorously work a medium granule salt scrub to buff of the dead skin and assist in smoothing and regenerating the skin, ensuring a longer lasting, streak free tan lasting 5 to 9 days. 

(no oil, 20 min scrub).

60mins | $220


(Please also refer to the endermologie page on this website for further information).
Popluar in Europe and a solid favorite at Norbu, Endermologie is a technologically advanced machine approved by the FDA for lymphatic drainage. Endermologie is well know for achieving great results in body shaping, muscular stretching, skin firming and cellulite reduction. Results are enhanced when treatment is followed with a detox box.
1 session x 45 mins | $150
10 sessions x 45 mins | $1,300
Please call to learn more about firming and cellulite multi session packages.
Facial Endermologie
Endermologie can also be used on the face. It can assist with double chins, jails, bags around the eyes, and sinus drainage.

It also assists in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stipulating the body's hyralonic acid that naturally hydrates and plumps the skin.

Every session acts to stimulate your fibroblasts which are the cells that produce collagen to improve the overall texture and firmness of the skin.
Please call to learn more about facial endermologie, as we tailor programs to best suit your requirements.