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Enjoy the lifestyle Norbü has to offer

Our goal is for our clients to achieve total wellness.

South Yarra located Norbu Urban Retreat offer a range of beauty treatments including massage, endermologie, detox box, beauty therapy, oxygen therapy and more.

Massage is still available! You can have a therapist come to your house (within 15 km of Richmond) OR you could come visit us at our temporary studio offering stunning views over Richmond. AVAILABLE 7 DAYS....Give us a call!
VOUCHERS. Gift giving is never on hold.....we are happy to issue new vouchers during our hiatus. We are also honouring all other vouchers during this time. You can choose mobile massage therapist/s to your home, or you could come visit us at our temporary Richmond studio.
Infra red
HOMECARE...Is your body missing the unbeatable sweat of our infra red boxes? YOU can hire / purchase an infra red blanket for easy use in your home. We also rent/sell LED face and body and Wellboxes. checkout prices ...
Spa Information
To ensure we can allocate a space for your spa experience, we recommend that you book ahead for all treatments.

Norbu is moving....



Very exciting news...Norbu is moving just up the road- to Swan Street Richmond.


Sorry for our temporary absence as we build you a a more comprehensive wellness retreat.


We are still offering services for you during this period.

-Mobile. We can send therapist/s to your home.

-Richmond apartment with amazing views.

-Rental or purchase of equipment

-vouchers for new Norbu!


Please call 90401199

or email info@norbu.com.au


We can't wait to see you all again soon at Norbu's new Urban Retreat on Swan St Richmond.


Norbu will bring you all our trusty existing services AND and will be adding some new health and wellness rituals for you to enjoy....



DreamPod Vmax doubles tank


ICE BATH brrrr. Alternate with soothing hot tub


HOT TUB. ahhhh...is the cold too much for you?


INFRA RED. an old favourite since 2005.

YES, Sweaty Betty & Gentle Lentil are moving with us...we will still have both boxes!


LED. Have you ever tried LED?

Face & body -7 colours for a variety of needs.


SALT THERAPY Inhale ~Exhale ~ Breathe deeply. 

Your lungs will thank you.


AND there may even be some yummy food and drinks for you to enjoy in the future!


Bigger and better Norbu 2022.....see you all soon!


SMS  0403145055 or 

Email info@norbu.com.au 

Phone message 90401199


We are busy bees preparing to see you all again soon. Whilst we are taking bookings, please be a little patient if we can't reply to you immediately.


*Norbu is not taking online bookings until further notice.













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