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Norbü specialises in massage.


Who doesn’t love a massage?

Our qualified massage therapists design the massage to suit your needs.


All therapists are experienced in relaxation, deep tissue and remedial massage.

Your appointment time includes a consultation with your therapist to help you to determine

exactly what you need most on the day.. often we use a combination of relaxation and therapeutic

massage to manage your body's needs.


We are lucky to have 2 myotherapists /advanced therapists at Norbu too.

Myotherapy is fantastic treatment for injuries, both acute and chronic.

Please let us know if you need a myotherapist or remedial therapists to address your pain.


If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim back online or

directly via HICAPS.



If you would like to share your experience with a buddy we have a doubles room.

Checkout our infra red /massage packages for 2 people below...



 MASSAGE with oil


40 mins


55 mins


85 mins


120 mins


75 mins Hot Stone


Doubles room package 90 mins (45min massage & 45min infra red)


Doubles room package 120 mins (90min massge & 45min infra red)




Following the massage, we highly recommend you ease into our detox box (infra-red sauna).

This assists the body to remove body and environmental toxins.

Generally following a massage or body treatment your toxins will be mobilised and ready to be excreted.

this process will occur naturally, often via kidneys, liver or the skin.

Infra red acts to speed the detoxification process up by instantly removing your mobilised toxins via sweat.


The detox box is one of Norbu's most popular treatments, and is offered as an 'add on' for just $20

or it's free with any treatment over $150 *OFF PEAK ONLY  ( off peak Monday - Friday 12-4 ) 


The detox box looks like a sauna, is hot like a sauna and is designed to make you sweat like a sauna, but it is an entirely different type of heat. Traditional saunas operate on air temperature to induce a fast, yet superficial sweat,



Infra red is also great for general detox, muscle tiredness, insomnia, skin conditions and general relaxation.

Add ons (only available with massage or other treatments)

  • Foot massage -add on $40 
  • Head Massage -add on $40
  • Infra red box $20


checkout infra red