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Norb├╝ specialises in massage.


You'll be pleased to know that we have an apartment in Richmond and we're doing mobile massage at the same great prices!


 MASSAGE with oil


40 mins (apartment location only)


60 mins


90 mins


120 mins




 DOUBLES massage (mobile only) - can either do one after the other or at the same time


2 x 60 min


2 x 90 min


Use of infrared blanket with doubles


One after the other (1 therapist) while 1 person is having a massage the other is using the blanket


Same time (2 therapists) then we can leave the blanket with you over night




 ADD ons


Foot massage


Head massage


Infra red blanket overnight


Infra red blanket /week


LED Light treatment overnight


LED Light treatment /week



Following the massage, we highly recommend you ease into our infra-red blanket.


This assists the body to remove environmental toxins.


Generally following a massage or body treatment your toxins will be mobilised and ready to be excreted, this process will occur naturally, often via kidneys, liver or the skin.


Infra red acts to speed the detoxification process up by instantly removing your mobilised toxins via sweat.