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Spray Tans


Norb├╝ knows that every person is different.

We have a great range of spray tans to suit your needs.

Please note:

  • bronzers present
  • time taken to develop
  • your base colour
  • your desired colour depth
  • natural or organic


As all these factors are taken into consideration as part of the selection process.



Norb├╝ Offers:

Ecotan: Organic. One shade, contains bronzers. Must leave on for minimum 8 hours. 

Vani T: Organic. Contains bronzers. 12% DARK and Velocity (express). 

St Tropez: No bronzers. smells great. medium color 2-3 hours


Loving tan: express 60 -90 mins

$45 full body  ~  $30 half body



If your skin needs some extra attention from our changeable Melbourne weather, it could be time to treat yourself to our COMPLETE BRONZED BODY!
We will start by giving you a full body brushing, then we vigorously work a medium granule salt scrub to buff of the dead skin and assist in smoothing and regenerating the skin to ensure a longer lasting, streak free tan lasting 5 to 9 days. 

(no oil, 20 min scrub)

60 mins | $220