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Leave the 2020's over. Now lets get rid of those extra few kilos that won't budge!


Chances are your body mind and spirit have been a little rattled in 2020.

Perhaps like many Melbournians you may need a little detox too! 


Isagenix is a results driven weight loss and health maintenance program that has been around since 2002.


Isagenix targets the tummy fat. The unhealthy fat by using a scientifically proven combination of adaptagens, vitamins and minerals to increase metabolism and support your body's needs. You will eat a 'regular' lunch or dinner daily with collegues,  family or friends and combine with 2 shakes (or yummy bars!). 


Exercise is not required... 

In fact, if you don't usually exercise, you should not begin during this process! 


As your vitality and energy levels increase the eyes start to sparkle again. 

We recommend that you choose a life changing 28 day body transformation package, but if you are unsure and want to try before you buy, or if you cant wait for your personalised package to arrive, we also offer a 7 day starter from $200.

This includes an infra red to kick start your detox!


Monthly packages we also sell weekly packages which include all your essentials to get you on track.