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Enjoy the lifestyle Norbü has to offer

Our goal is for our clients to achieve total wellness.

South Yarra located Norbu Urban Retreat offer a range of beauty treatments including massage, endermologie, detox box, beauty therapy, oxygen therapy and more.

Massage enhances general health and wellbeing, increases circulation to oxygenate the tissues, and increases lymphatic drainage to remove built up and unwanted toxins.
Why not let your loved ones, friends, family or work colleagues indulge in the escape they deserve Whether it be for one, a couple, or gathering, we're able to accommodate.
Infra red
Infra red rays penetrate deep into the body to produce a deep sweat acting to mobilize heavy metals, lactic acid and all the nasties. Lower tempretures than a traditional sauna 45-55deg is optimum. Great for detoxification, sore muscles, arthritis, insomnia, weight loss, jet lag...
Spa Information
To ensure we can allocate a space for your spa experience, we recommend that you book ahead for all treatments.

Norbu Urban Retreat is tucked away inside

the Olsen Hotel. 





We are committed to providing a safe, clean environment for you to relax and recharge. 


Currently there are  no online bookings as our hours are variable due to the COVID quotient! 

call 9040 1199 or

text 0403145055 or contact us via

email info@norbu.com.au 


The gift of time. SELF LOVE. Come find your inner space.  

Balance...Work, play, breathe, laugh, be weird, be yourself. Remember to be kind. This starts with you.


Take care of yourself! Your body is your home.

Health is the new wealth!



Perhaps you need a stay-cation at The Olsen for a few nights?!


We offer overnight, mid week packages or perhaps you need a week? You tell us what you need. 

You can choose a studio or suite which includes daily infra red, or you could include daily treatments, meals, eating plans, fitness and health coaching. Like a mini health retreat!


We offer Massage, infra red, endermologie, body shaping, detox programs, scrubs, facials and luscious organic treatments & packages for you to enjoy. treat yourself or share with a friend or loved one in our doubles room.

Choose from Norbu's wellness treatments to improve your body's health by optimising circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage.   


Come find your 'inner space' at Norbu!







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